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Looking for autographs and souvenirs at the RBC Heritage? These tips will help

Dozens of kids decked out in golf polos and hats decorated with the logos or sponsors of their favorite golfers crowd along the barrier separating the crowd from the pros.

"Can I get your autograph?" one kid shouts, only to be drowned out by another, louder child. "Can I get your hat?" And sometimes it works.

These are the most commonly asked questions at the RBC Heritage, and I'm here to tell you how to get those autographs and other prized souvenirs. We’ll cover some of the best spots to be to get autographs, the nicest players, and how to approach the golfers.

Harbour Town has some secret spots to catch a golfer, but most of the best places to snag an autograph are right there in plain sight. Some obvious spots that everyone should know are behind Harbour Town’s iconic 18th hole and behind the green at No. 9 for those golfers who teed off on No. 10. My favorite spot to get souvenirs and autographs is where the golfers walk between the putting green and the driving range.

But just as a heads-up, players are not allowed to sign autographs during their round, so be sure to catch them before they tee off or after they finish.

Some of the nicest players in this year's field are the RBC Heritage veteran and member of Team RBC Matt Kuchar, South Carolina native Kevin Kisner, and Peter Malnati. Kuchar is one of the friendliest guys on tour and always saves time for the kids, Just always make sure to yell “KUCHHHHH” to get his attention Kisner’s hometown of Aiken is only a little over two hours away, so he has become a crowd favorite at South Carolina’s only annual PGA Tour stop.

But if I were a fan looking for a ball or an autograph — which I have been many times — I would recommend following Malnati. He loves interacting with young fans and even hosted a Kids Classic golf tournament with proceeds benefiting the First Tee of Tennessee. You can also pick one of your favorite golfers and latch onto them.

Now that you know who to follow and where to be, the next step is figuring out what to say as the players approach. The first thing you need to know is who is who; I personally have made that mistake and sometimes it works to break the ice, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You’d hate to make the mistake of mixing up your Johnsons and calling Dustin ot Zach by the wrong first name.

Most important, BE NICE to all the golfers and talk to them like they are your elders. For example, “May I please…,” and, “Thank you so much.”

Another thing to remember is to do some research and figure out what the player likes. Wesley Bryan is a big South Carolina Gamecocks fan, so if you see him out there tell him, “Go Cocks,” or “Spurs Up,” and he will definitely notice you. Malnati is a Mizzou guy, so if you shout “M-I-Z” you might get a “Z-O-U” in return.

A couple of things you shouldn't do when asking for autographs are start pushing other fans, asking for multiple favors from the players, or being rude if a player misses you. The first thing is the worst thing you can do when asking for autographs. Behind No. 18 it does tend to get packed as the day goes on and you might lose your spot during the day, but don't fret. The players see you and will get to you if they can.

Don’t ask the same player for multiple favors in a day — unless it’s one of your favorite players and it’s the final round or they are going to miss the cut on Friday. You do not want to be the one sitting behind 18 who just got an autograph and selfie and is still begging for a ball.

Now that you know where to be, who to look out for, what to say — and what not to say, I think you are ready to take on Harbour Town and all of the others seeking autographs.


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